Background on The Wrack of the Medusa

Background Information

When looking for material for episodes, our writer Eddie Louise likes to find moments in history that have an impact. In the month of May, she has chosen the Wrack of the Medusa, a French frigate which struck the Bank of Arguin. Not only does this provide a moment in history where Sage & Savant can easily travel to – lots of dead bodies – but the events that transpired were beyond imagination.
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What happened in Pompeii the day Vesuvius decided to blow?


Pompeii was an ordinary city, with shops and markets, bars and theaters, temples and homes. They were like many other cities found in the Roman Empire and throughout what we now call Italy. There were roughly 15k people living in Pompeii at the time Vesuvius erupted, living in everything from luxury homes to small flats and apartments. It had been around for probably a couple hundred years, so it was well established in what happened in the daily lives of its inhabitants. In less than a day, their lives and the landscape around them would be forever changed.

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Skadegamutc or Ghost-Witch, Background for Episode 8


Every episode our heroes are faced with the idea of reanimating dead bodies. Well, image if this happened when the Vikings were visiting the New World. What would the Native Americans think about this sort of activity? We include a brief reference to Skadegamutc in this episode because it’s a wonderful way to look at how Sage & Savant might appear to the locals.
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Sage and Savant Appear in The Sage of Erik the Red

Saga of Erik the Red

The Icelandic Sagas tells of the exploits of various Viking travels. Because these were songs or stories of heroic adventures, not every detail is included. However, the The Saga of Erik the Red or Eiríks saga rauða–one of the Vinland Sagas–is an account of Viking travels in the new world, over 400 years before Columbus. Many of the characters we have in Episode 8: Vikingr are directly from this saga. We even quote a section about the exploits of Freydis, a woman who fought off a band of Skrælingar, or indigenous people.
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