All Four Seasons

Season One

Episode 101: It’s Electrifying


Episode 102: Time is Fleeting


Episode 103: Juice Joint Sheba


Episode 104:
Gorgie, Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie


Episode 105: Life Before the Mast


Episode 106: Feet to the Fire


Episode 107: A Christmas Micracle

Part 1

Part 2


Episode 108: Vikingr


Episode 109: In Secret and Silence


Episode 110: The Accidental Tourist


Episode 111: A Far Future Universe

Episode 112: Wracked and Ruin

Part 1

Part 2


Season Two

Episode 201: The Prodigal Professor


Episode 202: Amok in an Asylum


Episode 203: The Haunted Laboratory


Episode 204:
Dromedaries of the Old West


Episode 205: Circus of Dreams

Part 1

Part 2


Episode 206: Stand and Deliver


Episode 207: Of Trainwrecks and Heartaches


Episode 208: A Most Shocking and Unnatural Event


Episode 209: Swinging Cats and Hep Girls


Episode 210a: Joyeuse le départ

Part 1

Part 2


Season Three

Episode 301: Chickens Come Home to Roost


Episode 302: Desperate Measures


Episode 303: The Heartless Mansion


Episode 304: First We Practice To Deceive


Episode 305: Bright Spot in Dark Times

Part 1

Part 2


Episode 306: These Things You Cannot Know


Episode 307: We Know Not What We May Become


Episode 308:A Friend in Need


Episode 309: A Friend in Deed


Episode 310a: Off the Map

Part 1

Part 2


Season Four

Episode 401: Turtles All the Way Down


Episode 402: A Partial Detente


Episode 403: The Call is From Inside the House


Episode 404: Insert Tab F in Slot P


Episode 405: The Last Person

Part 1

Part 2


Episode 406: A Wager Won


Episode 407: Wax Paper Memories


Episode 408: Divertimentos


Episode 409: Up In Smoke


Episode 410: An Ouroboros Exigency

Part 1

Part 2