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Bandcamp Fridays. All the money you spend goes directly to the artists on the first Friday of every month for the rest of 2020. Support the artists that helped make our episodes so incredible.

Soundtrack Music by Chip Michael

Featured Artists

Frenchy and the Punk
The Cog is Dead
Professor Elemental
Unwoman – also wrote the theme music for Season Two
Nathaniel Johnstone
Red Light District
A Halo Called Fred
The Velveteen Band
Victor Sierra
Valentine Wolfe – also wrote the theme music for Season Three
Victor and the Bully – also wrote the theme music for Season Four
Antler Hill Arts
This Way to the Egress
Sarah Shay
Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
Kate Nyx
Avital Raz
Vernian Process
The Clockwork Dolls

More about the music behind the episodes

Swinging Cats and Hep Girls

Every month I write a new sound track for the upcoming episode for The Tales of Sage and Savant. Sometimes I begin playing with themes and settings before the episode is recorded, but most of the time I don’t begin the music until the episode is finished, voice, sound effects and all. In some respects, this is like a film, the score comes after everything is is done.

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The music from Joyeuse le départ

Joyeuse le départ Sound Track

The sound track from episode 210 is available for your listening pleasure–over 45 minutes of orchestral music as we venture into the unknown.

Music from episode 210: Joyeuse le départ – Provost Cunningham has been a thorn in Doctor Petronella Sage’s side ever since she came to King’s College and now she must confront him for once and for all. Will Cunningham succeed in ending the Doctor’s research, or will Sage find a way to convince the skeptical provost she must be allowed to continue her work? Music from this month’s special two-part episode: Joyeuse le départ.
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