The Tales of Sage and Savant

The Tales of Sage and Savant is a monthly audio-drama podcast centering on the investigations of Dr Petronella Sage into Transmigration–the ability to transport consciousness through time and space into the bodies of dead people. With her stalwart friend and companion, Professor Erasmus Savant, Sage explores past, present, and future, in a wild journey to prove Death is no barrier to Science.

Warning: The podcast contains depictions of death.

Cast Season 4

It’s Electrifying

Episode 1

Introducing Dr Petra Sage, a galvanist, and Prof Erasmus Savant, her friend  and fellow scientist. In this episode, a laboratory accident during a galvanization experiment will see our heroes embark on an adventure across the boundaries of space and time itself.

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One of the smartest podcasts I know, this intricately created, beautifully paced show is just elegant in its construction and enormous fun to listen to. You’ll learn stuff, but in that fun way that makes you feel smart. And the connection between the main characters is compelling and heartbreaking and utterly real. Do not miss out on this one. – Oz9Olivia

A well written, well acted audio drama mixing both the steampunk genre with time travel and doing it well. The feel of this show reminds me of old time radio dramas. The musical interlude was a perfect fit for the feel. I love the alternative world history as well. The narrator’s snark is a lot of fun on top of an already well written show – AlexTheDMBE

Interesting charactes, storyline and music. it’s well paced and creates vivid imagery. Kudos to the writers/producers of this show. Highly recommend subscribing and immersing yourself in this quirky, intriguing show. Two thumbs up! – JV Torres

If you’re looking for something action-packed but still intelligent and at all times funny, then Sage and Savant is for you. This podcast nails the steampunk aesthetic perfectly and each episode is a treat. I can’t wait to listen to more.Theinamorata

Witty, smart, thought-provoking, and lots of fun. This story is rich and the drunken philosophical discussion is hilarious! I imagine this is how really intelligent people talk when they’re drunk. The episode is a complete story, but part of a great continuing saga. I look forward to hearing more episodes.Attorney Webmaster

This show is highly entertaining and creating. The sense of humor in the show is a nice breath of fresh air in podcast fiction. Great sound quality and design with a fun cast make this show an absolute pleasure to listen to.History or Something Like It

A time travel story with a frame narrative set in the Victorian era tackles the overdone sub-genre of time travel in speculative fiction and gives it a unique spin akin to the Assassin’s Creed video game franchise. …the creators of Sage and Savant do a marvelous job at weaving in serial storytelling tropes and episodic fiction elements.Audio Drama Reviews

Especially when it comes to the whole time traveling genre. This is a great audio drama with wonderful writing and twists, beautiful sound, and marvelous voice acting. – Fishbonius

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