Music, the Tao and the Life Changing Effects

Dr Sage has been exploring the connection of music to time travel. Music also plays a big role in our episodes, most especially with our Featured Artists. Music can change the way we look at life. We look forward to increasing the role of music in future episodes and letting Dr Sage discover the role of music in her own life.

from Wikipedia

The principal belief of the Yin Yang is reflected in the categorisation of musical tones. The two main forms of Taoist music are the Yin Tone and the Yang Tone. Yin stands for all things that are female and soft and Yang stands for all things male and hard. Through the proper balance of Yin (female) and Yang (male) a Taoist can find harmony and simplicity in all things (Bowker, 2000). Taoists strive to have these cosmic forces within themselves and around them at peace and in balance (Keown, 2003).

Music has been established as a key element of Taoist ceremony. By examining the role of music in Taoist rituals, it is evident that instrumentation and vocalisation play central roles. The structure of the event has been shown to symbolise the balance ideal of Taoism. The core concept of Yin-Yang balance has been revealed as a theme that is acknowledged in areas of ceremony such as intonation, melodic deviation, rhythm and form. The conduct of the various participants and the setting of the ceremony have also been outlined. By examining the ceremony of the birth of Quan Yin, at the Evergreen Taoist Church of Australia, it is clear that music is used to guide its followers and practitioners on their path to universal harmony. In the balanced philosophy of Taoism without music there would only be silence, solitary, alone and unbalanced.

steampunk-balanceIt is interesting that music needs to be balanced, that “without music there would only be silence, solitary, alone and unbalanced.” Perhaps Professor Savant is the balance for Dr Sage, the harmony she needs to find balance.


Here is a wonderful quote from Sylvain Paquette on Tao Music

The only motivation I’ve got is to find again this sweetest feeling of all. This feeling of being part of something greater than I. To have performed at the best of my capabilities, and to have been aware of it.That’s the only thing that matters.

All other things are superfluous, for this quest of harmony creates the desire of always becoming a better musician.

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