Wrighting the Right Music

Chip at the piano

This podcast is a labor of love in many aspects. For those of you who don’t know, the writer Eddie Louise and I (Chip Michael) are married and been together for a long time. We started Sage and Savant as a way to do something creatively together. Next month’s episode, Of Trainwrecks and Heartaches, is a nod to Valentine’s Day–a chance to explore romance. Again, for those who don’t know us, we are enthusiastically romantic. While we don’t need a specific day to show affection for each other, we aren’t going to pass up on a chance to be particularly mushy. Without giving away too much, the upcoming episode is a fine example of that.
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The Dreams and Desires of
Donna Glee Williams

Donna Glee Williams

Donna Glee Williams is a writer of fantasies for the teenager in all of us, as well as being a seminar leader, dream worker, and creative coach. A sort of Swiss Army knife of the page, Donna Glee has seen her work published in anthologies, newsstand glossies, literary magazines, academic journals, reference books, big-city dailies, online venues, and spoken-word podcasts, as well as on stage and CD recordings. These days, her focus is on speculative fiction, aka fantasy and science fiction.
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Donna Glee Williams”

Dreamers by Donna Glee Williams


At the age of sixteen, the Dreamer has given up her own life to act as the conduit for the divine dreams that must be interpreted for the survival of the village. Love and relationships are forbidden. Even though her needs are provided for, she longs to be free. The cost of being the Dreamer is not just freedom. When her dreams begin to wane beneath the weight of duty, she is to be killed, quietly replaced by the next Dreamer. Hers is a fate that is kept as quiet as the sacred Garden that is her prison and her place of dreams; guarded night and day against the wayward trill of even the most well-meaning songbird.

Listen to an excerpt of Dreamers by Donna Glee Williams
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Background Information for “The Walls Came Tumbling Down”

Background Information

Every year we do a special episode as a live performance. This year Sage and Savant travel to the San Francisco Earthquake. While many of our episodes are science fiction with bits of history tossed in, we want to cover as much about the earthquake as possible (in a 30 minute show). So, our live show this year is filled with pieces drawn from historical accounts.

Here are the resources we used to detail the events of April 18, 1906.
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The Creative Energies of
Angèle Gougeon

Angèle Gougeon

Angèle Gougeon is a Fantasy and Paranormal author living in the prairies of Canada. When not writing, she spends her time painting, working on personal and commissioned works such as children’s books and book covers, as well as attending local craft shows, farmer’s markets, and working part-time growing all manner of green things during the Spring and Summer months.

Angèle’s writing often explores the darker shades of grey and morality in humanity, with special focus on family and personal strife.
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Angèle Gougeon”

Sticks and Stones by Angèle Gougeon

Sticks and Stones audio excerpt

Sandra Daron knows what it’s like to die. Every time she touches someone, she experiences their last moments; burning, drowning, choking, dead.

Her visions shatter any pretense of normal she might wish she had. She’s a freak, isolated and alone in her small town junior high school. Her parents don’t care what she does or where she goes and all she wants to do is get by without being noticed.

Listen to an excerpt of Sticks and Stones by Angèle Gougeon
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What’s New with The Cog is Dead

The Cog is Dead

In 1893 John Sprocket owned a small clock shop in Grimsby, England. A clockmaker by trade, Mr. Sprocket was exceedingly fond of every aspect of clockwork. He especially loved cogs. Unfortunately, a man named Hamilton was developing a new kind of clock – one without gears or springs. Sprocket spent the next few weeks in deep depression, wondering what could be done to preserve his beloved mechanical clockwork.

Renate Goodwin suggested they travel to the future to see what impact these new timekeepers would have on the world. While on their travels, Ms. Goodwin heard a noise coming from an apple barrel on their ship. They had a stowaway, Bradley Harrington III. Captain Sprocket decided to put Harrington to work, making him the chronographic navigator.

They travel around the world in their flying timeship. spreading their mesage to the masses through musical entertainment.

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Sean O’Brien,
Riding the Roller Coaster

Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is an educator and writer from Southern California. He is married and has two children along with an ever-growing number of animals. He was named Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools and has been a head varsity football coach, television broadcaster, and Gilbert and Sullivan singer (though not a good one). He’s the author of A Muse of Fire, Wondrous Strange, and Vale of Stars.

Listen to an excerpt from Beltrunner

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Riding the Roller Coaster”

Beltrunner by Sean O’Brien


As an independent beltrunner mining asteroids in the frontier of space, Collier South is a dying breed. Scrounging and cutting corners to work cheap, Collier isn’t a stranger to lean times and make-do repairs; in fact his onboard computer hasn’t had outside maintenance in years and its beginning to show its personal quirks.

When Collier finds an asteroid that shows promise, he thinks he’s bought himself some time. But his claim is stolen out from under him by his vindictive ex-lover and her shiny new corporate ship. Powerless against the omnipotent mining corporations, Collier has always been too stubborn to give-up without a fight. Broke and desperate, Collier has one last chance to land a strike. If he doesn’t come back with ore, he’ll end up destitute and trading his own biologicals for his next meal.

Listen to an excerpt of Beltrunner by Sean O’Brien
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