What’s New with The Cog is Dead

The Cog is Dead

In 1893 John Sprocket owned a small clock shop in Grimsby, England. A clockmaker by trade, Mr. Sprocket was exceedingly fond of every aspect of clockwork. He especially loved cogs. Unfortunately, a man named Hamilton was developing a new kind of clock – one without gears or springs. Sprocket spent the next few weeks in deep depression, wondering what could be done to preserve his beloved mechanical clockwork.

Renate Goodwin suggested they travel to the future to see what impact these new timekeepers would have on the world. While on their travels, Ms. Goodwin heard a noise coming from an apple barrel on their ship. They had a stowaway, Bradley Harrington III. Captain Sprocket decided to put Harrington to work, making him the chronographic navigator.

They travel around the world in their flying timeship. spreading their mesage to the masses through musical entertainment.

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Dying to know more about
Valentine Wolfe?

Valentine Wolfe interview

Formed in 2006, Valentine Wolfe is the combined effort of the Lady Sarah Black and Braxton Ballew. Imagine Sarah Brightman being backed by Francois Rabbath blowing through a Marshall stack at midnight. Having dubbed their music “Victorian Chamber metal”, the duo have synthesized a love of metal, classical and industrial, infusing them with a Victorian sensibility that evokes the likes of Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe.

The ethereal soprano vocals of Sarah Black–which call to mind not only the aforementioned Brightman, but also Dianne van Giersbergen of Xandria and Tarja Turunen–are buttressed by the thunderous growl of Braxton’s electric upright bass, and the two coalesce over pounding rock and electronic grooves punctuated by a maelstrom of synthesizers, keyboards, samples and sound design.
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Valentine Wolfe?”

The Velveteen Band Tells it Like it Is

Velveteen Band interview

The Velveteen Band successfully completed a kickstarter for their new album coming out in September. Even with all that activity, we got a chance to talk with them a bit about, well, everything.

The Velveteen Band is an eclectic musical side show which delivers a wonderland dreamscape, set to capture the imagination and rock you to the core. The theatrical rock ensemble features puppets on vocals, a deranged mad scientist, and is led by a six foot trumpet playing rabbit named the Baron Von Velveteen.
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An Interview with The Cog Is Dead

Q: Who is The Cog Is Dead?

TCID: The Cog is Dead is a band of time-traveling musicians who have journeyed from the Victorian era to various time periods and places around the world to share their music with the world and encourage people to return to using steam powered machines and clockwork technology. As a group who has traveled to so many different eras, we’ve heard a lot of different musical styles and we reflect that in the diverse music that we make.
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