Joyeuse le départ part 2

Provost Cunningham has Transmigrated, but to where! What is Dr Sage going to do with his body? And how can she bring home her friends, Abigail and Erasmus, without also bring home Cunningham? What are they going to say when they find the “skeleton” she’s hiding in her closet?

Eddie Louise Clark as Dr Sage
Chip Clark as Professor Savant
Justin Bremer as the Narrator
Emily Riley Piatt as Abigail Entwhistle, Calypso & Dean Stewart

Written by Eddie Louise
Theme music by Unwoman
Sound Design by Chip Michael

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Featured Artist

Victor and the BullyVictor and the Bully

When the Black Steam dissipates a bit you’ll study La Carte des Mondes Perdus and Shadows in the Rain will lead you through to Istanbul. There you’ll listen to Ecos de Voces Lejanas, they’ll tell you about Yesterday’s Tomorrow. On stage, The Legendary Converted Princess and Commander Bob and Big Machine’s energies invite you to go beyond the horizon line, to go for the strange, to be stirred in unison and to live unpredictable experiences.

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