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Bandcamp Fridays. All the money you spend goes directly to the artists on the first Friday of every month for the rest of 2020. Support the artists that helped make our episodes so incredible.

Soundtrack Music by Chip Michael

Featured Artists

Frenchy and the Punk
The Cog is Dead
Professor Elemental
Unwoman – also wrote the theme music for Season Two
Nathaniel Johnstone
Red Light District
A Halo Called Fred
The Velveteen Band
Victor Sierra
Valentine Wolfe – also wrote the theme music for Season Three
Victor and the Bully – also wrote the theme music for Season Four
Antler Hill Arts
This Way to the Egress
Sarah Shay
Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands
Kate Nyx
Avital Raz
Vernian Process
The Clockwork Dolls

An Ouroboros Exigency

Episode 410 Part 2: The Season Four Finale and the final installment of The Tales of Sage and Savant. Death is no barrier to science, but all stories must come to an end.

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An Ouroboros Exigency

Episode 410 Part 1: The Laboratory is ashes! Is this the end of Dr Sage’s ambitions and her travels? Can she start over, or has Les arrêt du Temps forever changed time?

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Up In Smoke

Up in Smoke

Episode 409: Dr. Sage must stand Viva Voce in order to be granted a Fellowship at Kings. Will Dr. Sage convince a panel of men she can successfully time travel? Will the future change too far for LUCI and Justin to salvage their work? Will Abigail’s stalwart support be enough to save the day?

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Divertimento feature image

Episode 408: We get a glimpse at some of the uncatalogued travels of Dr Sage, bits of her travels that haven’t made it into the logs of Les Charges de L’Affaires. Enjoy a light-hearted episode before we resolve the more complex issues for this season.

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Wax Paper Memories

Wax Paper Memories

Episode 407: The Doctor faces the predicted future and travels to 2146 for a brain scan, while in Justin’s time a plot of subterfuge and espionage takes place. Will they stop Les arrêt du Temps or will time as we know it change for once and all?

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A Wager Won

A Wager Won

Episode 406: Abigail and Erasmus finally convince Petronella to transmigrate again. This time, Dr Sage and Professor Savant travel to New Year’s Day 1899 to visit Nicola Tesla and discover who was right.

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