The Bathwater Conspiracy by Janet Kellough

Detective Carson “Mac” MacHenry can’t figure out why the Darmes are so interested in this one dead girl or why the secretive federal police have rushed the autopsy or why, a few days later, the records of the dead girl’s murder have been erased from all official government channels.

Even stranger to the detective is the manner of death – injuries consistent with a violent beating and sexual assault. Crimes rarely seen in current society. Crimes eradicated decades earlier.

Listen to an excerpt from The Bathwater Conspiracy by Janet Kellough.

Investigating the brutal murder of a young girl, the protagonist Carson MacHenry goes into the Decayed Zone or “the DK” as it’s commonly called, an area on the outskirts of the city that used to be an industrial zone and is now a ruin populated by bandits, scavengers and weird religious groups. She has been warned not to go snooping, and as a result has left her official police Fone at home, leaving her vulnerable to whoever – or whatever – she finds in the DK.

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The Bathwater Conspiracy is written by Janet Kellough
Published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Janet Kellough
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

The Bathwater Conspiracy

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Janet Kellough is the author of six novels in The Thaddeus Lewis Mystery series, set in mid-19th century Upper Canada: On the Head of a Pin, Sowing Poison, 47 Sorrows, The Burying Ground, Wishful Seeing (short-listed for the 2017 Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel) and The Heart Balm Tort. She has also written two contemporary novels, The Palace of the Moon and The Pear Shaped Woman, as well as the semi-non-fictional Legendary Guide to Prince Edward County and the speculative fiction/thriller The Bathwater Conspiracy. Also a storyteller, Janet has released two audio recordings, Swear On My Mother’s Grave and Fowke Tales Live at Lang. She lives in an old farmhouse in the middle of a red cedar fen in rural Ontario, Canada.

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