Novelization of The Tales of Sage And Savant To Be Published by EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing

Popular Steampunk podcast “The Tales of Sage and Savant” to expand their story into a series of full length novels.

Eddie Louise, writer of the podcast “The Tales of Sage and Savant,” has signed a multi-book deal with EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing to novelize each season. By bringing the popular podcast to novel form, EDGE and Twinstar Studios hope to expand the audience with both e-books and trade paperback versions.

“The Tales of Sage and Savant” is a monthly audio-drama podcast set in an alternate history Steampunk universe. Steampunk is retro-futuristic, imagining a sci-fi future starting from a Victorian past. Sage and Savant exist in a sci-fi universe, which allows the podcast to investigate modern concepts and ideals. The combination of modern ideas and formalized vocabulary help to establish an other-worldly setting for the story. You can listen to the podcast free on their website, iTunes, Stitchers, TuneIn or any of the numerous podcast apps available.

In the first season, Doctor Sage begins her investigations into galvanism, which is the study of the application of electricity to human flesh. A laboratory accident leads Doctor Sage to discover time travel, which she dubs transmigration. Uncertain of the scientific ramifications of this new knowledge, she chooses to hide the research until such time as her experiments produce conclusive results.

Now in its second season, “The Tales of Sage and Savant” has become incredibly popular across the US, Canada and Europe taking the time-traveling duo to new situations throughout history. Each episode explores questions of equality, contemporary hubris, and the role our frame of mind plays in how we react to the world at large.

The lead character, Doctor Petronella Sage is angling to become a fellow at King’s College, a fictional university lauded for its Medical and Historical Science Departments. Although Petra has achieved her doctorate and a position at university, Victorian attitudes toward women mean she is constrained in her opportunities. Women lag in recognition (and pay) for their scientific and academic successes. Doctor Sage is under immense pressure to perform perfectly and to bring credit to the institution before she has any hope of achieving her goal of becoming a fellow.

About Eddie Louise
Eddie Louise lives in sunny Southern California where she makes a living as a ghostwriter and author of various genres to include English-as-a-Second-Language textbooks, science fiction, young adult fiction, and a monthly speculative fiction audio-drama “The Tales of Sage and Savant.”

About EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing
Devoted to Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing encourages, produces and promotes thought-provoking and well-written science fiction and fantasy literature.

About Twinstar Studios
Twinstar Studios is based in Orange County California and is home to the creative endeavors of Eddie Louise and Chip Michael. Twinstar Studios presents a variety of audio stories including the Steampunk podcast “The Tales of Sage and Savant.” Justin Bremer, Emily Riley Piatt join Eddie and Chip as the core cast of Sage and Savant. The four actors enjoy recording audio stories submitted by publishers from around the world.

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