Arkham K-12 Science Fair by Jeannie Warner

A recording by Clifford Winter III, Ph.D., as provided by Jeannie Warner
(Originally published in Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2015)

Listen to Arkham K-12 Science Fair by Jeannie Warner

Mad Scientist Journal 2015Clifford Winter III, Ph.D., matriculated from Yale with graduate degrees in science and medicine, although an unfortunate incident prevented him from practicing locally. Tragically, his poor eyesight was also enough to keep him from seeing action via the draft in WWI. Instead, Mr. Winter braved the Atlantic to pursue his interest in Eugenics at Cambridge with the esteemed Sir Ronald Fisher. Returning home, he married one of the subjects of his college-level medical experiments in fertility, and until his unexpected retirement he has been serving the Essex County as District Superintendent.

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Arkham K-12 Science Fair is written by Jeannie Warner
Published by Mad Scientist Journal
Copyright by Jeannie Warner
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

2017 Young Explorer's Adventure GuideJeannie Warner also provided content for several of the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guides.

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Jeannie Warner spent her formative years in Colorado and Southern California and is not afraid to abandon the most luxurious domestic environs for travel anywhere. She has a useless degree in musicology, a checkered career in computer security, and aspirations of world domination. Her writing credits include blogs of random musings, thriller novel manuscripts, and publications in Tightbeam online magazine, as well as KnightBridge’s Rom Zom Com anthology, several police statements, and a collection of snarky notes to a former upstairs neighbor. She lives in the Bay Area with several of her best friends whom she refers to as “minions.”

Webpage: Jeannie Warner or some of her random thoughts can be found here, or read some of her other writings at Three Oaks-on-Wear.

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