Dreamers by Donna Glee Williams

At the age of sixteen, the Dreamer has given up her own life to act as the conduit for the divine dreams that must be interpreted for the survival of the village. Love and relationships are forbidden. Even though her needs are provided for, she longs to be free. The cost of being the Dreamer is not just freedom. When her dreams begin to wane beneath the weight of duty, she is to be killed, quietly replaced by the next Dreamer. Hers is a fate that is kept as quiet as the sacred Garden that is her prison and her place of dreams; guarded night and day against the wayward trill of even the most well-meaning songbird.

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But for this Dreamer something is happening, something she has never experienced. A foreign man has come to the village, carrying his strange gaze and clear vision as if they were a weight on his back. His eyes have found the Dreamer’s –– now if only they could find freedom for the love they share… Not so easy a choice when any action is sure to seal her fate.

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Dreamers is written by Donna Glee Williams
Published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Donna Glee Williams
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

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