Stand and Deliver

Sage and Savant live the life of highwaymen. Not just any petty thief, Dr Sage steps into the body of Claude Duval, perhaps the most famous and gallant highwayman in English history. But, has she inadvertently changed history?
Eddie Louise as Dr Sage
Chip Michael as Professor Savant
Justin Bremer as the Narrator
Emily Riley Piatt as Abigail Entwhistle

Written by Eddie Louise
Theme music by Unwoman
Sound Design by Chip Michael

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Featured Artist

The Cog is Dead

Make sure to check them out on YouTube

In 1893 John Sprocket owned a small clock shop in Grimsby, England. A clockmaker by trade, Mr. Sprocket was exceedingly fond of every aspect of clockwork. He especially loved cogs. There was a certain beauty and charm to those clockwork gears that he completely adored.

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