Pick Your Teeth With My Bones by Carrie Newberry

She has a tail. Normal is relative.

Listen to an excerpt from Pick Your Teeth With My Bones by Carrie Newberry

Kellan is a shape-shifter and a member of a secret society, the Sankhain, who protect a fountain of youth hidden in an invisible forest outside Madison, Wisconsin. When a stranger asks Kellan for her help with some documents, documents which shouldn’t exist, about the Sankhain, Kellan uses her unique sense of smell to follow the trail, which leads to the very heart of the Sankhain. What Kellan uncovers will shake her world to its core.

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Pick Your Teeth With My Bones is written by Carrie Newberry
Published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Carrie Newberry
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Emily Riley Piatt from The cast of Sage & Savant

Pick Your Teeth with my BonesPick Your Teeth With My Bones is available on KINDLE

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