The Honorable Eddy
By Kirsten Weiss

“There’s a lot I’ll do for my country—face hostile Indians, battle sinister occultists and mechanical contraptions, even lay down my life. But the Honorable Eduardo Alberto Del Castillo Cabeza de Vaca had me about beat. ”

Listen to “The Honorable Eddy” By Kirsten Weiss

Walk awhile with Agent Crane as he regales one of his adventures in this Steampunk re-imagining of San Francisco back in the frontier days. He is tasked with babysitting the benevolent emperor of the tiny South American kingdom of Neruda, but finds the task isn’t quite what he expects.

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Thirty Days Later“The Honorable Eddy” is written by Kirsten Weiss
Originally Published by Thinking Ink Press in Thirty Days Later: Steaming Forward: 30 Adventures in Time
Copyright by Kirsten Weiss
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

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