We Shall Make Monsters
by Mark Patrick Lynch

First Published in Nature Medical Experimentation, 2237, as part of the “Clones In Exploitation” season, later broadcast on the BBC Wireless Services as part of the Christmas Lectures Series in the Public Understanding of Sciences/Social History promotion.

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Originally published in Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2014

We Shall Make Monsters
An extract from the papers of Professor D. E. Balcass,
as provided by Mark Patrick Lynch

(Originally published in Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2014)

This extract from Professor D. E. Balcass’s study of clones in the common workforce focuses on the strange and troubling uses of Professor Xavier Whitting’s breakthrough in human replication, as recounted by his business partner, a certain Mr Addison-Whitt, whose notoriety is well known in the music business to this day. Although unverifiable in parts, the account does fit the facts as history and popular culture understands them.

Professor Balcass included the account in his papers as a warning about human nature, and how quick it is to exploit others. It is a salutary warning of what might have continued unabated in the general workforce had the Wilberforce 2 anti-exploitation laws not been passed by parliament in 2189.

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We Shall Make Monsters is written by Mark Patrick Lynch
Published by Mad Scientist Journal
Copyright by Mark Patrick Lynch
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

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by Mark Patrick Lynch”

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