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New Science included in this month’s broadcast

You will notice this month’s episode begins a bit different. The Narrator also includes a new term Telesensation. The plot thickens as we include some new science from the future in episode 203.

Ever wonder how the Narrator (thousands of years in the future) can determine what’s going on during the live’s of Sage & Savant? Well, the Charges d’ affairs have developed Telesensation, a way for their operatives to travel back as if a fly on the wall. They are not actually traveling through time, but rather observing events of a given time period. There is some interaction that is possible which causes some unexplained happenings for Dr Sage and her crew.

Telesentation involves combining virtual reality (VR) with telecommunications to create telecommunications with realistic sensations. The term was coined by Dr. Nobuyoshi Terashima. Via Telesensation, an image of, say, a museum exhibit in a remote place is instantaneously transmitted through the communication links and displayed stereoscopically by using VR technology. Viewers can enter and walk through a scene that is a virtual world. Furthermore, they can even touch the leaves on a tree or a wall in a museum, as if they were physically there. This cuts the bonds of time and space.

– from Intelligent Communication Systems by Dr. Nobuyoshi Terashima

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