The Genius Asylum
by Arlene F. Marks

The truth is out there…

Earth Intelligence and Space Installation Security each think Drew Townsend is working for them. They’re wrong.

Listen to an audio excerpt from The Genius Asylum by Arlene F. Marks, read by Justin Bremer

The Genius Asylum

The year is 2398 C.E. Drew Townsend is a police detective on the New Chicago force. Recruited earlier by the Earth Intelligence Service (the EIS), Drew has also been secretly training for an undercover mission aboard Daisy Hub, an orbiting gulag on the edge of Earth space where the planetary government has been sending dissidents and boat-rockers. This excerpt from near the beginning of the book begins the morning after Drew’s friend Bruni Patel has been found murdered. Before he can begin investigating, Townsend is called into the Chief’s office for an early meeting and learns that he has been seconded to the off-world security agency, SISCO, for a covert operation aboard Daisy Hub. It’s a different mission but in the same place as the EIS was planning to send him. Suddenly Drew has many masters, making his life much more complicated and dangerous than it has ever been before.

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The Genius Asylum is written by Arlene F. Marks
Published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Arlene F. Marks
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Justin Bremer from The cast of Sage & Savant

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by Arlene F. Marks”

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