The Music Behind Episode 202

There is a lot of music in this episode, as Dr Sage attempts to find the connection between modal music and transmigration. As a composer, I was able to explore the sound of Renaissance period instruments and creating themes using the modal scales.

Here are some of the pieces I used as background music in this episode. The pieces have been altered from the originals you hear here to match the modes needed in the episode. Most of the music appears during Dr Sage’s time at the Asylum. I wanted the music to reflect the setting, but not conflict with the story or the dialog.

Impromptu #10 – the classical piano music when Dr Sage wakes up on the floor of the asylum and meets Barnabas.

East River – used during the dining room scene.

Neptune’s Waltz – used for when Dr Sage is about to be taken for the la Grand Douche

For the Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing advert, I used a section of Tribal Fire for the backing music.

All of these pieces were edited for use in the episode. You can hear more of the music by Chip Michael at SoundCloud.

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