Does Dr Sage Actually Travel Through Time?

In The Tales of Sage & Savant, Dr. Sage and Professor Savant send their conscious minds through time and space to inhabit other bodies. They retain those experiences when they return to their own bodies. Part of our theory behind this mode of time travel is the current theory that thoughts are quantum objects rather than physical aspects chained to the cerebral matter of our brains. Recent tests have aimed at proving quantum objects can travel through time. Therefore if thoughts are quantum, they would also be able to travel through time. This is great fodder for Science Fiction!

However, the very concept of the existence of time has been argued since Plato. Great philosophers, such as Hegel and Kant, came to the conclusion time is a concept that cannot be proven to exist. Physicists, such as Einstein and Hawking, suggest time is only relevant to our own perception. To the universe, time is something very different, and potentially all things exist simultaneously.

Time warp

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy has an extensive section on time. While it presents both arguments for time being real and not real, it also examines the very different nature of time used in relative physics and quantum physics. Both types of physics work to prove how our physical world works, but they are dependent on very different definitions of time. This suggests neither definition is wholly correct and may well be non-existent, simply perception.

In relative physics time and space are a unified entity. Einstein’s theory of general relativity continues to inform our concepts of the universe around us. In May 2017 two experiments took place: the solar eclipse proves Einstein’s theoryscientists defy Einstein’s theory to measure the mass of a star.

With quantum physics, certain objects in the universe are discrete and invisible; composed of packets. Time is included in this collection. This means you can divide a second in half, and divide that half in half, and so on. But at some point, you will come to a place where time can no longer be divided, that smallest element (about 10-43 seconds). Recently, Dr Brukner published a paper on the inconsistencies of time—an accurate clock can only be accurate if time is linear, so it is dependent on the very element it is measuring.  time-illusion

Several philosophers have argued time does not exist. John McTaggart wrote “The Unreality of Time” in 1908 concluding time is not real because our descriptions of time are either contradictory, circular or insufficient. Modern physics has done nothing to assuage that statement; continuing studies seem to point to its validity.

If time is simply a human perception and all things in the universe exist simultaneously, perhaps Dr. Sage is not really traveling through time, but simply changing her point of perception.

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