The Deavys by Alan Dean Foster

Listen to an excerpt from The Deavys by Alan Dean Foster.
A decidedly non-Ordinary family (and their talking cat) must embark on a magical mission in this tale from New York Times–bestselling author Alan Dean Foster.

For any normal teenage boy, having two and a half younger sisters would be enough to deal with. But Simwan Deavy’s life isn’t normal. His family is non-Ord—short for “non-Ordinary”—which means that at school, he and his sisters learn hexing and enchanting along with history and math. It also means they have a ghost for an uncle and a cat who talks. Still, everything is going well for Simwan—until a bottle of Truth is stolen from the local pharmacy. Now the Deavys’ favorite woods are under threat from development; their mother, whose life depends on the Truth, is growing weaker; and the world as they know it might never be the same.

Read by Emily Riley Piatt of the cast of Sage and Savant.

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2 Replies to “The Deavys by Alan Dean Foster”

    1. A fascinating novel I must say. Bravo! I have just read this for the first time as a literature historian at Harvard University and this is one of the finest tales I have ever read. I enjoyed how Alan Dean Foster had such an inspiring and cutting edge interpretation of a modern-day magical family.

      – William F. Deancoft

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