Juice Joint Sheba

Steampunk scientists Sage and Savant continue to prove that death is no barrier to science as they venture for the first time into the future. The Roarin’ 20s will require all of their ingenuity as they deal with motorcars, prohibition, the coppers and the most confounding of modern inventions – the zipper!

Chip Michael as Professor Savant
Eddie Louise as Dr Sage
Justin Bremer as the Narrator

Theme music, sound effects, and incidental music by Chip Michael

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2 Replies to “Juice Joint Sheba”

  1. It’s fairly strange to listen to the story of two time travelers of the past travel to a future that is still in my past. Relative to them, things we find commonplace are a marvel of innovation. If the scale were to be moved further down in equal measure with our heroes observing out of time transmigartors, maybe Sage and Savant would feel the same sense of… bemusemed pride at similar reactions.

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