An Interview With A Pirate

Dress Like a Pirate

And now for a short but sweet interview with Captain Shayna of

Q: Cap’n Shayna, when did you first get interested in pirates?

A: Well, I started many lifetimes ago as a Washerwoman at Southern California Pleasure Faire, so I always knew a subculture was there. I took a left turn in 1978 or so when I heard my first Ramones song and went in a different direction; it wasn’t until I went to a pirate themed wedding that I realized that the subculture was still there.  Since I’m too punk rock for Renaissance, Pirate fits me perfectly.
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An Interview with The Cog Is Dead

Q: Who is The Cog Is Dead?

TCID: The Cog is Dead is a band of time-traveling musicians who have journeyed from the Victorian era to various time periods and places around the world to share their music with the world and encourage people to return to using steam powered machines and clockwork technology. As a group who has traveled to so many different eras, we’ve heard a lot of different musical styles and we reflect that in the diverse music that we make.
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An Interview with Bailey-Denton Photography

Bailey Denton Photography

We were recently fortunate to participate in a photo session in the Garden Grove studios of Bailey-Denton Photographers. Valorie and James gladly shared their expertise and artistic talent with us and the experience was truly remarkable. Sage and Savant would definitely encourage you to make the trek to Orange County California and have your portrait taken by these amazing artists.

After the photo session, James and Valorie were kind enough to answer our burning questions.

Q: Who exactly is Bailey-Denton Photography which one of you is the photographer and which one is the chemist?

BDP: Bailey-Denton photography is the comprised of equal parts Valorie Bailey-Denton, the photographer and James Denton, the collodionist/chemist
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