Season 4 #10 – Up In Spoke

WARNING: This episode has includes someone trapped in a fire.

Episode 409: Dr. Sage must stand Viva Voce in order to be granted a Fellowship at Kings. Will Dr. Sage convince a panel of men she can successfully time travel? Will the future change too far for LUCI and Justin to salvage their work? Will Abigail’s stalwart support be enough to save the day?

Eddie Louise Clark as Dr Sage
Chip Clark as Professor Savant
Justin Bremer as the Narrator
Emily Riley Piatt as Abigail Entwhistle
Special Guests:
Karim Kronfli as Dr. Victor Sims

Written by Eddie Louise
Theme music by Victor & the Bully
Sound Design by Chip Michael

Featuring the music of The Clockwork Dolls

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