Sean O’Brien,
Riding the Roller Coaster

Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien is an educator and writer from Southern California. He is married and has two children along with an ever-growing number of animals. He was named Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools and has been a head varsity football coach, television broadcaster, and Gilbert and Sullivan singer (though not a good one). He’s the author of A Muse of Fire, Wondrous Strange, and Vale of Stars.

Listen to an excerpt from Beltrunner

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Riding the Roller Coaster”

The Heroes Journey of
Matthew Moffitt

Matthew Moffitt Interview

Matt lives with his wife in the good ol’ state of Arizona, where they go to graduate school and take care of their cat, Sherlock. Growing up, Matthew read everything he could get his hands on—science fiction, fantasy, murder- mystery, comic books, and even his mother’s endless piles of romance novels.

One day, he got the bright idea to write, which he stuck to, feeling he could make a difference to those around him. Now he writes science fiction and fantasy, drawing from his experiences as a budding clinical psychologist.
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Matthew Moffitt”

The Complex Rules of
Carrie Newberry

carrie newberry

Carrie Newberry’s first novel, an urban fantasy called Pick Your Teeth With My Bones, is being published by EDGE Lite Science Fiction and Fantasy, a Canadian publisher. The book was accepted on its first submission. For the most part, she writes fantasy and horror, though she has written short pieces of literary fiction as well as flash memoir pieces.

After studying Creative Writing at UW-Madison and after maxing out on Creative Writing Workshops at UW-Madison, Carrie decided to leave academia behind in order to pursue her career as a dog groomer’s assistant and have lots of time to write. She hasn’t regretted the decision for a moment, although it would come in handy to have a degree of some sort to list right here. She continues her studies at AllWriters Workplace and Workshop, as a member of the monthly Saturday morning New Year’s Resolution Write a Book Workshop, because writers can always learn more from their peers. In 2016, Carrie joined the faculty at AllWriters, where she teaches a weekly online book-writing workshop. She works as a dog groomer and lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with a greedy terrier and a cock-a-poo who loves to sing along to the radio (and who is absolutely never on-key).
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Carrie Newberry”

Michael Prelee Crushes It

Michael Prelee Interview

Michael Prelee is a graduate of Youngstown State University. His new novel, “Bad Rock Beat Down”, the second installment in the “Milky Way Repo” sci-fi crime series, was released in July 2017 by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy. 2017 also saw the release of “Murder in the Heart of it All”, a gripping mystery set in Ohio, available now from North Star Press. He resides in Northeast Ohio with his family where he enjoys writing.

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Mel Arthur, more than just a mythical archetype

Mel Arthur interview
Mel Arthur lives in Atlantic Canada and writes adjacent to three cats, a husband, and a small boy. She studied both English Literature and Library Science, paints and draws with middling ability, and mostly reads books about long dead kings and queens.
Mel has been telling herself stories in her head since she was a little girl, but didn’t get around to writing them down until recently. The Last Iteration is the first novel to make it out of her head and onto the page.

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Jason Mather, Shadowlife, Music, Dogs and More

Jason Mather is a resident of Greeley, Colorado, and a graduate of University of Northern Colorado, where he majored in music. He is a free-lance musician and a full-time kennel worker. He lives with his wife Heather,  his daughter Hannah, and Grandma Frieda and his six dogs: Gizmo, Kaori, Ellie Mae, Daisy Belle, Bailey, and Brodie. Shadow Life is his first book.

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Alex Hernandez in a World All His Own

Alex Hernandez Interview

Alex Hernandez is a Cuban-American science fiction writer based in South Florida, and the first of his family to be born in the U.S. His most influential experience with (written) science fiction was as a kid, when he checked out a collection of Isaac Asimov short stories from the public library and immediately connected with the author’s immigrant story. Perhaps because of that, the themes of migration, colonization and posthumanism permeate his work, which usually blend the subgenres of space opera and biopunk. His stories have previously been published by Bean Books, The Colored Lens, Interstellar Fiction and others.

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Looking Forward with Keith Bliss

Keith Bliss - feature

Keith Bliss is originally from Widnes in the north west of England, just a stone’s throw from Liverpool. After a fairly uneventful first five years of life, he emigrated to Australia with his family and attended primary school in Elizabeth, South Australia before returning to England when he was ten. He attended Wade Deacon Grammar School and Widnes 6th Form College, before going to Leicester University where he majored in German, which came in very handy, with a minor in Philosophy, of which he is not particularly proud. As soon as he was awarded his bachelor’s degree, he left England for Germany, a country with which he had fallen in love during his studies, and settled in the Siegerland area in the west of the country. He has lived there ever since.

He’s been teaching English at the University of Siegen, Germany since 2005, and received a master’s degree in Literature, Culture and Media from there in 2010. If you ask him how he likes his job, he will invariably say it‘s the best job in the world.

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Michael Martineck, Discovering the Cracks in Society

Michael Martineck interview

Michael has been writing for longer than he’d like to admit. His newest novel, The Link Boy (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy), has just débuted. It’s a sequel to his last novel – The Milkman (also from EDGE), a murder mystery set in a world with no governments. It won a gold medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards and was a finalist in the Eric Hoffer awards, given for outstanding writing from small presses. A previous novel, Cinco de Mayo, was a finalist for an Alberta Reader’s Choice Award.  Michael has written for DC Comics, several magazines (fiction and non-fiction) the Urban Green Man anthology and two urban fantasy novels for young readers.  He has a degree in English and Economics, but has worked in advertising for several years. He lives with his wife and two children on Grand Island, NY.

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Lost in the Woods with Dorian Graves

Dorian Graves Lost in the Woods

Dorian Graves is an urban fantasy author hailing from the mountains of Oregon, occasionally escaping to the Pacific Ocean to praise our squidly overlords—er, we mean to enjoy the surf and marine life, of course. Currently, Dorian is hard at work on the Deadly Drinks novel series; the first book, Bones and Bourbon, is set to be released April 2, 2018 by NineStar Press.

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