Emily Riley Piatt

Emily Riley PiattBorn to an English mother and a New Yorker father while growing up in Florida, Emily was infinitely confused as to what her accent was meant to sound like, so she started making up her own. Her love of pretending to be other people bloomed very early on, drawing her from her bedroom performances to an actual stage at the age of 9. She studied acting at the New York Film Academy and since then, has been spending as much time on stage or in front of a camera as possible. Sage and Savant is, however, her first foray into the world of voice work and now she’s not sure she’ll ever leave. When she’s not in the recording booth or on stage somewhere, Emily spends her time teaching others to coax star performances out of their canine companions.

Emily plays a variety of characters, most notably: Abigail, The Stranger, and Fi-oh-one (501)