What happened in Pompeii the day Vesuvius decided to blow?


Pompeii was an ordinary city, with shops and markets, bars and theaters, temples and homes. They were like many other cities found in the Roman Empire and throughout what we now call Italy. There were roughly 15k people living in Pompeii at the time Vesuvius erupted, living in everything from luxury homes to small flats and apartments. It had been around for probably a couple hundred years, so it was well established in what happened in the daily lives of its inhabitants. In less than a day, their lives and the landscape around them would be forever changed.

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The Accidental Tourist

Accidental Tourist

Sage and Savant have grown complacent with their travels, taking the miracle of transmigration for granted, the doorways to other times and places as a given. The universe has a way of humbling those that do not show proper regard for these things. In this month’s episode, Our heroes discover what it is like to lose one of their own and what lengths they will go to in the quest to retrieve a friend.

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