Is it ever the right time to fall in love? Can the affections of Dr Sage affect her decision to return to her own time? Will the cries of Professor Savant save Dr Sage?
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Earthquakes, then and now

Basilica Norcia

California is no stranger to earthquakes, but we are hardly the only place in the world to feel their effects. Italy has been hit particularly hard throughout history, most recently in August 2016 when an earthquake registering 6.2 on the Richter scale rocked Amatrice. The Italian earthquake institute (INGV) reported 60 aftershocks in the four hours following the initial quake, the strongest aftershock measured 5.5.
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A Christmas Miracle

Dr Sage is determined to go farther than she ever has before, and she succeeds, sending her and Professor Savant back to Renaissance Italy.
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