The Creative Energies of
Angèle Gougeon

Angèle Gougeon

Angèle Gougeon is a Fantasy and Paranormal author living in the prairies of Canada. When not writing, she spends her time painting, working on personal and commissioned works such as children’s books and book covers, as well as attending local craft shows, farmer’s markets, and working part-time growing all manner of green things during the Spring and Summer months.

Angèle’s writing often explores the darker shades of grey and morality in humanity, with special focus on family and personal strife.
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Angèle Gougeon”

Sticks and Stones by Angèle Gougeon

Sticks and Stones audio excerpt

Sandra Daron knows what it’s like to die. Every time she touches someone, she experiences their last moments; burning, drowning, choking, dead.

Her visions shatter any pretense of normal she might wish she had. She’s a freak, isolated and alone in her small town junior high school. Her parents don’t care what she does or where she goes and all she wants to do is get by without being noticed.

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