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Mad science? Obsession? Folly?

Telesensation agent Justin Bremer studies ‘time’ – specifically the effects of journeying through it.
His assignment, funded by a mysterious organization, ‘Les Charges de L’Affaires,’is to observe the ‘timeline’ of a young Victorian scientist who lived approximately 2000 years in the past. Equipped with an AI neural-interface, Bremer carefully documents the experiments of Dr. Petronella Sage and her archeologist friend Erasmus Savant. The Doctor, investigating the effects of electricity on human flesh becomes obsessed by the curious and vivid shared hallucination induced after she and Savant are accidentally electrocuted. Each hallucinatory adventure (which they call a ‘Transmigration’) takes the intrepid duo into the unimaginable lives of persons and places throughout history. Justin observes and dutifully records it all.

Uncover the secrets of ‘transmigration’ in this steampunk adventure like no other.