Next Stop on the #13


Eddie Louise and Chip Michael both have a story in this delightful anthology of short stories.

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You probably thought it was a day like any other day when you boarded the #13 in London or Paris or Boston or Kyoto or New York or San Francisco. You’re only going to the next stop. Of course you’re expecting other passengers, but from other times and other dimensions? What about an assortment of dangerous cargoes, various decadent pleasure seekers, and a handful of privateers? No? Then you’re probably not ready for a Sasquatch, a river hag, a Strawberry Bulldog on the cusp of Doomsday, giant robots, Yokai, ghosts, and a band of Romani wielding a dimension-perverting orb. But Conductor Jack’s got your back on the #13. Or does she? Care to try your luck?


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