Sponsor an Episode

Your company can sponsor an episode of Sage & Savant. Not only will your company help keep this amazing story going, we will gleefully spread the word about how awesome you (and your company) are to the rest of the known world (or at least as far as our social media reach).

When your company sponsors an episode, your company’s name will be heard by hundreds of dedicated fans, thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter will associate your company with intelligent science fiction, and millions of bits of data with your company’s name embedded in them will be strewn to the far reaches of the internet.

When you sponsor an episode you get:

  • Mentioned in the open minute of our podcast
  • A 60 second advert featured in our podcast
  • Listed as the sponsor on our website (sidebar for all posts during the month)
  • Listed as the sponsor on our website (episode page – for ever and ever)
  • Mentioned in 10 (or more) posts on FB and 15 (or more) tweets on Twitter saying just how amazing you are

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