The Patch Project by Brittni Brinn

May and Isak used to live in a quiet suburban neighbourhood on Holly Street. Since the mysterious Event erased the world around them, they’ve lived alone, surviving off of canned food and memories. Isak sometimes skips forward in time, a strange new ability caused by the Event that he has a hard time controlling. May on the other hand sometimes hears a humming that she cannot explain.

Listen to an excerpt from The Patch Project by Brittni Brinn.

Ed is caught is a similar situation, the only occupant of a roadside convenience store. The Event not only left him stranded, it also gave him the ability of manipulating electronic devices using only his mind. Since that day, he hasn’t been able to speak a word. So when he finally reaches someone after calling half of the landlines in North America, he comes up with a way to communicate.

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The Patch Project is written by Brittni Brinn
Published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Copyright by Brittni Brinn
Audio Copyright Twinstar Studios
Read by: Chip Michael from The cast of Sage & Savant

The Patch Project

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Brittni Brinn was born Brittni Ann Carey in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied English and Drama at Concordia University College of Alberta (now Concordia University of Edmonton) before moving to Windsor, Ontario for graduate studies. She received her M.A. of Creative Writing in 2015. She co-hosted Hardcover: A Literary Podcast for two years and has written three plays for Paper-Knife Theatre. Besides books, her interests include coffee, songwriting, and cyborgs.

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